Our Story

Welcome to our shop! Inspired by the healing power of nature and the beauty of our local woodland in North London, we have created beautiful candles to boost your wellbeing and help you create your own rituals. We hope you like them.

Glisk is the result of a lifelong desire to work closely with plants. For as long as I can remember, I have been deeply fascinated by the role that scent and candlelight have played in the preparations for offerings and ceremonies throughout history.

Regardless of its attributed sign of beauty and status, fragrance has already been used in everyday life since the times of the ancient civilisations as a health remedy, already forming the basis of modern-day aromatherapy.

It is the combination of the health aspects of scent along with the scientific evidence behind olfactory memory that I find captivating, and would like to emphasise in my products.

Each Glisk fragrance is inspired by the local flora of a particular geographical site that is very close to my heart thanks to a special time spent there. They act as vehicles to both the benefits of aromatherapy and the evocation of memories.

To emphasise the health aspect, our candles are made only with natural ingredients. Their scent is very subtle, as we do not use any boosters or chemicals to enhance them. We only use the finest essential oils and 100% natural vegan wax, mainly British rapeseed, respecting our local production standards. On some occasions, particular fragrances require the use of coconut from a small co-op farm in Indonesia or soy grown on agricultural land in the USA to achieve exactly the right combination.

It hasn’t been an easy journey... I must admit. I have had to deal with a lot of trial and error, experimentation and frustration, to get here... candle makers and perfumers tend to be very protective of their secrets when it comes to teaching, mentoring and giving advice. But what a pleasure it has been to work with local suppliers while supporting their small business along the way, and with my toddler who – despite having accidentally spilt rose absolute here and jasmine absolute there – has always kept my motivation growing, helping me to blend with his two tiny hands and to identify rosemary, thyme and other herbal oils.

We hope you enjoy what we have created and have to offer.

Eva Bobker