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HEAL is the final Savasana. A concluding stage of liberation, once everything is flowing and you let go completely. A mystical, opulent and primitive scent with a sweet, leathery hint of plum and honey. Made with oils and resins from trees and flowers of Northern Africa and the Middle East, it is inspired in the unique and exotic landscape of Morocco, Iran and Socotra Island in Yemen during the Autumn. Perfect for meditation. 

Aromatherapy Benefits:

  • Induces a feeling of inner peace
  • Calms the mind
  • Hypnotic and grounding 


Frankincense, Myrrh, Galbanum and other spiritual essential oils. 

250 G natural vegan wax


Height: 110mm; Diameter: 85mm; Weight: 800gr

Burning and care:

Burn time 50 hours.

Wax has its own memory, to prevent tunnelling we recommend a first burn of 3h to ensure a liquid pool of wax covers the entire surface of the candle.

After the first burn light the candle for a minimum of 2h and a maximum of 4h to preserve the fragrance.

Our candles are 100% natural and contain no chemical scent boosters, so the smell is much stronger in enclosed spaces.

For a clean burn  trim the candle wick before each use to 5mm as this will avoid unnecessary smoke.

Do not relight when the wax level is less than 1cm.